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Towing Services In Peterborough, Lakefield, And Kawartha Lakes

We have all the equipment necessary to tow any kind of vehicle. At Dave's Towing Peterborough, we endeavour to be your one-stop-shop for towing services and have all the required equipment to tow any kind of vehicle.

More About Our Towing Services

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When it comes to towing, we aim to provide all the services that you may need -

We haul vehicles from automobile concessions, including RV towing.

We offer heavy duty towing for oilfield machines, equipment and any other kind of heavy vehicle.

We have 4x4 drive off-road recovery so that our clients can take advantage of our services, even when they are stuck in complex terrains.

Our trucks are contracted by the City of Peterborough Police for impounding.

How We Can Help You

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At Dave's Towing Peterborough, you can call for following towing services -

Long distance towing

Long Distance Towing

Having your car towed over long distances can overwhelm even the best of us. We can help make the process easy for you. Leave the worries about distance to us and rely on our services to safely tow your car over long distances.

Luxury vehicle being towed

Classic And Luxury Vehicle Towing

Do you need to get your car towed but worry about the process damaging your vehicle? We understand the anxiety. You can rely on us to safely tow your classic or luxury vehicle.

Heavy equipment being towed

Equipment And Machine Towing

Our towing services are not limited to cars alone. We are equipped to fulfill commercial and industrial towing needs as well. No matter how heavy the machinery is, we can easily tow it to the desired location.

RV towing

RV Towing

RVs are extremely comfortable, especially for long-distance travelling. In the case of any mishap, towing an RV can be tricky, but not for us! We can easily tow your RV on busy roads and maneuver it through urban traffic.

Mechanic repairing a broken down car

Accident Towing

When stranded on a highway after having met with an accident, the last thing you need to worry about is how to get your car to a safe place. We can reach you quickly and help you get out of that difficult situation, towing your car safely to a nearby garage.

Heavy duty vehicles being towed

Heavy-Duty Towing

If heavy-duty vehicles are your thing, we are there for you if the need for them to be towed ever arises. No towing task is too difficult for us. We are equipped to safely tow your trucks and other heavy machinery over long distances.

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Long Distance Towing Services

Long distance towing is way easier than long-distance relationships. Don’t believe us?

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